Leslieville Underpinning Project

7 months ago
Who misses a renovation and design crew when they are done? We do! Jeff’s team is hands on, hard working, reliable, consistently communicative, and a true pleasure to be around. We had an extensive underpinning and basement renovation and lived in the house with our kids and dogs during the work. Having people in your house for an extended period of time sounds daunting but they became our welcomed guests. We are so happy with the basement. It is now the best part of our house. We stayed on budget. Extras were added because we wanted to add them, never because they were missed in the initial quoting. I appreciated the software which kept track of the budget, invoicing, and communication. The regular on site meetings always made me feel informed and set my expectations for what was next. Jeff went above and beyond working with my neighbour to make sure water from my neighbour’s house was redirected from our foundation. They also took the time to help me with small repairs in other parts of the house that had been piling up. Emily, the designer, was great with presenting options when I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Dennis, the foreman, we spent the most time with and everyone including the dogs adored him. A lot of hard work and experience goes in to setting up a renovation company that delivers a stress free and dare I say enjoyable experience for a client. Looking back on it, I see the results of decades of experience in this industry and I am so glad I chose this company to work with. Thanks to all of you and you’ll be back when it is time to do the rest of the house!

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