Every major renovation should have a good designer behind it. I learned this the hard way when I didn’t use a designer for phase one of the renovations at my house. The result was a powder room that was too large, a closet that was too small, electric outlets and light switches installed in the wrong places and problems with the wall and floor tiles amongst other issues. Luckily I met Distinct Properties prior to the second phase of the project, which was ultimately designed by Emily. Not only did her design maximize the functionality of the space and its potential rental income, but she also saved me a massive amount of time in selecting the finishes by streamlining the process based on my goals. Through her connections with various suppliers, I was also able to get better deals on some of the finishes. I now know that the savings in time and future headaches, as well as the expense of having to correct issues of a space not properly designed, hugely outweigh the cost of hiring a designer. Either way, Emily was worth every penny.

-Christine G, Toronto

cindy-wennerstrom-191x300“Part of my life savings is with Jeff & it quite simply couldn’t be in better hands than if it was in my own.”

I am continuously impressed by Jeff’s ongoing development of skills and design. Jeff has transformed himself from a small business owner & contractor to a house flipper, to a landlord & property holding machine, to a teacher/trainer for other investors & now to a developer! The perfect succession of his career path has afforded him incredible success and growth. I am proud to be Jeff’s colleague, friend and even an investor in him and his projects. Part of my life savings is with Jeff & it quite simply couldn’t be in better hands than if it was in my own.

–Cindy Wennerstrom, MBA, Oro Properties, President

As both an architect and home owner I cannot speak highly enough of Jeff’s professionalism as the general contractor. I found him very well organized in carrying out the work. He would find creative solutions to many difficult challenges that were placed upon him along the way. Never once did he lose sight of the initial agreed schedule.

The house is approximately 2,750 sq.ft., built in 1918 and located at Yonge & St.Clair in Toronto. There had not been a significant renovation since it was built and only minor upgrades had been carried out thirty years ago.

The project included gutting the complete interior of the three levels of the houses and improving to modern luxury living standards. Structural load bearing walls were removed and supported by steel beams. All interior surfaces were replaced including all floors, ceiling, interior and exterior walls. Insulation was carried out to all exterior walls. The three bathrooms and the kitchen replaced. The electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems were completely replaced. All windows and interior doors were replaced. New bookshelves were incorporated into the living room and family room. A large cedar deck was added to the rear of the house.

We certainly had our differences over various aspects of the project but Jeff’s good humor and sound reasoning always carried the day. His ability to be patient while still maintaining the pace of the construction will be a benefit to any project he is involved in.

Alex Rebanks, Toronto, Ontario

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I must say that of all the real estate professionals I know and have known, Jeff is one that I hold with the utmost regard. His professionalism shines through in every aspect of his business. Jeff has sincere respect for his trades, his clients, his tenants and his peers. He is a joy to work with and learn from.

Cindy Wennerstrom, Owner of Oro Properties

Testimonial for Jeff Reed
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I have always wanted to now more about flipping houses but lacked the know-how of where to even start. I learned about Jeff’s mentorship program last fall and became part of a team that is working together to renovate a century-old home.

I am having so much fun with this project while at the same time learning so much. Jeff’s teaching style is both friendly and inviting and he is always able to answer any questions. He encourages you to get involved as much as you can so you can get the most of it. I think he’s also gone above and beyond by including case studies, excursions and bringing in guest speakers which have helped me understand the real estate investing and how it all fits together.

I have not seen another opportunity like this anywhere else and have been so pleased. He is passionate about what he does and this only helps make you want to strive for that same passion.

–Erin Dermody

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We write this letter of glowing reference about our experience with Jeff Reed and his team of professionals. Once we had decided to sell our home to embark on a business venture, the hunt was on to find a rental home the would suit our current needs and lifestyle. After enduring many renovations at out old home, we were looking for a home of quality and comfort that we had perviously enjoyed. After much searching, finding major disappointments in many places we looked at, we were ecstatic to find the perfect fit with rental home we were fortunate enough to find and the added bonus was Jeff Reed.

He is extremely professional and the pride in his workmanship was a refreshing change from some of the properties we had seen. When we walked in the door, the fine features were impressive. As a landlord, his respect for us as tenants is exemplary. We find this outstanding and consider ourselves very fortunate. Even to this date, he will take the time to ensure that we do not have to worry about any issues that should occur. A very personal touch indeed.

We would recommend Jeff and his team as a landlord, construction/renovation specialist or to partner with in an investment opportunity.

–Sharon MacLeod and Harold Hopkins

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‎Throughout our stay at 19 Norway Avenue, we felt we had found a place that was both cozy and efficient for the everyday lifestyle of a Torontonian. The unit is furnished with a number of great features, including a plasma TV, speakers, couches, everyday kitchen utensils, and even a coffee maker. The bedroom had tons of closet space, as well as a comfy queen-size bed. The tenants upstairs were very friendly, and Jeff did everything to ensure we had a great, cozy stay. This unit is an amazing combination of a loft that is both modern and efficient. The neighborhood is safe and friendly. It is also steps away from a TTC bus stop, which we particularly loved! At the end of the day, this unit defines the word home!

–Yasmeen Emadi

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