We write this letter of glowing reference about our experience with Jeff Reed and his team of professionals. Once we had decided to sell our home to embark on a business venture, the hunt was on to find a rental home the would suit our current needs and lifestyle. After enduring many renovations at out old home, we were looking for a home of quality and comfort that we had perviously enjoyed. After much searching, finding major disappointments in many places we looked at, we were ecstatic to find the perfect fit with rental home we were fortunate enough to find and the added bonus was Jeff Reed.

He is extremely professional and the pride in his workmanship was a refreshing change from some of the properties we had seen. When we walked in the door, the fine features were impressive. As a landlord, his respect for us as tenants is exemplary. We find this outstanding and consider ourselves very fortunate. Even to this date, he will take the time to ensure that we do not have to worry about any issues that should occur. A very personal touch indeed.

We would recommend Jeff and his team as a landlord, construction/renovation specialist or to partner with in an investment opportunity.

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